Why You Should Insist Upon Emergency Medicine Residency-Trained Physicians

Did you know that emergency medicine is a specialty? Just as there are physicians who specialize in cardiology, general surgery, neurology, pediatrics, and many more specialties, there are physicians who have done years of additional training to become experts in emergency medicine. The American Board of Emergency Medicine certifies physicians who have completed rigorous residency training in emergency medicine and have passed written and oral board examinations. These physicians are experts in emergency medicine and have training to manage life-threatening and serious conditions. You wouldn’t want a dermatologist performing your next heart surgery nor would you want a neurologist delivering your baby. So why would you take a chance and let a non-expert in emergency medicine take care of you when you have chest pain or other serious complaint? Unfortunately, many free standing emergency rooms and urgent care centers will employ any physician regardless of their training. We think this is a huge mistake.  Code 3 ER & Urgent Care has a strong policy to only hire Emergency Medicine residency-trained physicians who are residency-trained in Emergency Medicine to staff its growing network of Emergency Rooms. These physicians are highly trained so that when you have an emergency, you get the very best care that can be provided. If you ever need care in an emergency clinic, ask the provider if they are residency trained in emergency medicine.

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians Thomas Barrows MD